Wearing jeans


1. I would like to know if Muslim men and women are allowed to wear jeans.

2. Also are you allowed to wear shirts made out of jeans material. Please could you explain. 

Wearing nike clothing

Q: Is it permissible to buy and wear Nike products? I know that Nike once put the name of Allah on a shoe, but it was unintentional and they apologized. Also, although Nike represents a Greek god, people don’t believe in the god and only buy the shoe for the style. Bearing this in mind, what is the ruling on Nike products?

Wearing jackets

Q: One mufti mentioned in a bayaan that we as Muslims should not be wearing clothes like the kuffaar. Then he mentioned even the jackets we wear, these resemble the kuffaar, so we should actually be wearing like a jubbah type coat which is similar to a kurtha. Is this correct? Are jackets disliked?

Wearing a fake jacket

Q: A fake branded jacket came into my possession as a gift. I like the jacket, but I was informed it is a fake. Is it halaal for me to wear? I don't want to wear it because of the brand, but because it's comfortable. The brand logo is visible on the jacket stitched in.