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Franchise charging insurance to their customers

Q: We have a tyre business which is a Dunlop franchise, they have this tyre insurance for the customers. Any damage to the tyre and they send a replacement after doing their tests. They charge us R10 per tyre for this which I pass onto the customer.

I add it to the cost and then add my markup. I tried getting out of this but it’s compulsory from their side.

How should I handle this… Is it permissible?

Should I add my markup first then the R10. Because my intention is not to make money on the insurance…

Taking a salary from a person who took out an interest-bearing loan

Q: I am a student. I teach my aunts son mathematics. This is my first job as a student. I always wanted to earn halaal or I have a wish that my first salary or income will be atleast halaal.

My question is, somehow, I know that my aunts source of income comes from riba or a bank loan or something or fraudness which is haraam. Is my salary halaal or haraam? I am confused. Please explain, if it is not halaal then I will teach him for free. 

Selling animals for fighting

Q: For animals used in fighting such as roosters and dogs, their price depends on their fighting ability. If a rooster/dog is an excellent fighter, it would be expensive. So is it halaal to include the price of an animal's fighting ability in the overall price of the animal? Would the amount added to the price based on the fighting ability be halaal?