Ramadhaan & Fasting

Fasting one day less due to going for umrah in Ramadhaan

Q: We went for umrah in Ramadhaan. We left a few days after Ramadhaan started.

South Africa fasted 30 days. Saudi also fasted 30 days. But they started Ramadhaan and finished one day earlier.

Because we were in Saudi for Eid, we only fasted 29 days in total actually.

So, do we need to keep qaza of one fast, because both countries had full 30 days but due to spending Eid in Saudi we only fasted 29?

Fasting qadha fasts in Shawwaal

Q: I missed two days of fasting in Ramadhaan due to menstruation and I have missed 15 days of fasting from the previous Ramadhaans. In order to obtain the reward of fasting six days in Shawwal, must I make up all 17 fasts first or only two?

In addition to this I forgot to keep the intention for some of the fasts of Ramadhaan, must I make an estimate and make up these fasts? If yes then should I do this also before fasting the six days of Shawwal?

Father discharging sadaqatul fitr on behalf of his baaligh children

Q: Will sadaqatul fitr be discharged if the father discharged it on behalf of his baaligh children (who have above the nisaab amount but he still looks after them) but they were only informed that the sadaqatul fitr was discharged in their behalf a few days after Ramadan ended. He pays their sadaqatul fitr every year but forgot to actually mention it to them this year before discharging it.