Food and Drink

Hosting people at the time of janaazah, birth of a baby and Eid

Q: Pertaining to occasions of janazah:

1. Is it necessary for the house to feed visitors everyday?

2. Is it necessary for close family members to eat together for these days?

3. Has this become a bidah as I notice this is usually done for three days exactly and if people excuse themselves others wonder why. This becomes difficult on the house people who are already coping with a loss.

4. Is it better for another house to offer to host visitors from far away to make things easier for the bereaved? Which way would be the most advisable in this regard?

With regards to new babies:

1. Is it against shariah to invite others to come and see the baby?

2. If they have already expressed their desire to visit, would it be appropriate to suggest a certain date and time?

3. Is it against the spirit of entertaining visitors that one declines visitors for a certain number of days?

With regards to Eids:

What advice can Mufti Saheb give to the ladies - our eids have become very busy and strenuous between looking after the in-laws and trying to visit their own parents.

Are we making things difficult on ourselves by trying to please everyone?

Often Eid, instead of being an occasion of happiness is only about cleaning up and seeing to everyone else. Alot of women have no time to sit and eat a meal the whole day. Is it perhaps that we are complaining for nothing as many generations before us did much more, albeit with alot of dependence on maids and also grannies and sisters in-laws all chipping in to help with children, cooking etc.

How do we inculcate the spirit of hosting in us without neglecting our compulsory duties?

Smoking and vaping

Q: What is the ruling regarding smoking and vaping?

There are a lot of youngsters who occupy themselves with these acts and justify their actions by quoting muftis old fatwa about cigarettes/vapes. They say that it’s not haraam, but only makrooh. Hence, they do it. They say things like it makes them feel good and relaxes them when they’re stressed out, but isn’t this a form of intoxication?

End of the year khatams and jalsahs

Q: This time of the year sees many people completing Hifz and other courses. People are holding functions (jalsahs) at halls and other venues inviting family and friends. Often the number of people invited are over 200 and 300 people. 5 course meals are served and alot of expense is incurred in feeding people as well as decor and gifts. The men and women are often separated. Is there any Islamic/Sunnah practice regarding holding such events?

Also, is it permissable to attend such functions and accept the invitation?