Hajj & Umrah

Performing tawaaf ziyaarat in normal clothes

Q: I made Hajj and on the 10th I did the rami and then shaved my hair and took off my ihraam towels and used itr etc. After that I did my Tawaaf ziyaarat and then did saee. The Tawaaf ziyaarat and saee I did in normal clothes because I had taken off my ihraam. Now someone says that it is not permissible to do saee without Ihraam towels. Is this correct?

Is it permissible to do Tawaaf ziyaarat and saee without Ihraam towels? I did ifrad Hajj and did the same after Tawaaf ziyaarat.

Giving damm due to being unable to perform umrah after going into ihraam

Q: I went from my home in Jeddah for Umrah with the niyat after performing 2 rakaat nafil. At the checkpost I was stopped and the government didn’t let us do Umrah regardless of permit saying the state has issued new orders post magrib.

Now we came home back to Jeddah, trimed my hair and took off Ihram. I have lived the whole day today normally and even cut my nails.

Do we have to give Dam? We were forced to not perform our Umrah so it was the state rule and we had no way. We can’t give Dam in Makkah as they are only allowing Hajjis and this means we cannot visit Makkah before 50 days now and perform our Umrah. We cannot live in the state of Ihram for that long. Please guide.