Advising a friend who is involved in a haraam relationship

Q: My friends brother is currently in a rehab. She was very close to him and she's finding it very hard. Shes in a haraam relationship due to this. I tried advising her but she said that it keeps her mind of her brother and that she doesn't know how to end the relationship. She feels that someone else will be able to fill the gap her brother left behind. What advice should I give her? 

Being grateful in one's condition

Q: I feel like I'm always behind, like everything is happening in my life very late.

I became father after 5 years of marriage. When I get opportunity outside India for 2 years then my wife was pregnant so I decided not to go. Then again when it came we planned for second baby as wife needs treatment so I declined it. When I thought I would ask or try opportunity outside India, wife got pregnant but miscarriage happened.

I am frustrated with my job and whenever I get opportunity outside India I had some personal issues. I don't know if I did correct by putting family issues on top and leaving jobs out of India. I feel frustrated now in my current job and don't know what to do as I had opportunities but had to decline.

Please guide me on how to proceed. Seeing all my colleague they moved out in 2021-2022 but I'm still stuck here.

Being pleased with the decree of Allah Ta'ala

Q: I write to you in regards to my mother who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Doctors have said she’ll receive treatment (chemotherapy) and thereafter surgery because it is treatable.

Myself and my siblings have been very upset and anxious since knowing the diagnosis. We are supportive of each other.

I would just like to know what can be done to ease this difficult time for us, and my mother as treatment can be heavy both physically and mentally in such cases I am completely overcome by anxiety.

New Muslim feeling like a failure

Q: I am a new revert and my family doesn't know. They would completely disown me or hurt me if they knew. I sometimes struggle with doing prayer because they are there and lately I am also taking care of my sick father and cannot always do wudu or find the qibla at the hospital for prayer. What do I do? I feel like I'm failing.

Going through challenges after changing one's life

Q: Earlier in my past life when I didn't have much understanding of deen, I felt like I'm free from challenges and tests. After following deen Alhamdulilla I feel like life gives me tests at every step. One finishes and the other is on my door step. What is this Ustadh?

I'm confused. Is this a sign that My Rabb is not happy with me that's why I'm encountering one test after the other?

Getting to know the girl before marriage

Q: There is this ayah in the Quran "and that each person will only have what they endeavoured towards".

I understand that it is about afterlife and has nothing to do with wordly affairs. One of my friends used this in the context that you have to make effort to find a spouse and for that they were willing to get into talking stage with someone in the absence of a wali. Do I have to make an effort in finding a spouse and is talking to someone for that matter allowed?