Q: There were many issues to fix my marriage, finally I got one proposal for marriage. I was not happy with that proposal so one of my friends told me to perform istekhara for 3 days after isha namaz, and if it is correct you will get a dream or you will feel positive about it. I did istekhara for 3 days and I did not get any dream, and again continued for 7 days and then 11 days. After that also I did not get any dream. I told this to my mom, she told me that Allah ki jo marzi hai wahi hoga, Allah Ta'ala knows best, let us leave all decisions to Allah. If its right then automatically without obligation it will come or else it will stop by itself. Finally I kept quite after that again I felt the same and I could not accept it. I did istekhara again and that time I saw a dream. I saw a guy whom I wished to marry and I was walking with him and that day was bakri eid and my dad called me up and told me to bring a goat for bakri eid. It was spread with red blood of people cutting sheep. I was walking all the way with that person whom I wished to marry and said to him that we will go home. He told me that he will drop me off as its not safe. It felt like a mountain where we were going down and coming up. I was worried that I will fall down but still I felt that I am safe. After that I woke up and it was tahajud time. I am confused but the fact is that the man who I saw with me dream is not the man whose proposal has come to me, he is the man whom I am wishing and praying to get married to. Now my marriage is fixed with the same person whose proposal has come to me and we are facing many issues but still my parents think its good. I dont understand what istekhara namaz meant to me. Is seeing red bad? Is seeing that man whom I wish to marry bad or for the man whose proposal I got?

A: If you and your parent's are pleased with the person's Deen, akhlaaq and mannerisms, then you may accept the proposal and get married.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada