Going to live alone in the mountains

Q: I am a 24 yo.m am originally from pakistan but living in Australia from last 5 years.I moved here when i was around 18 yrs old.In pakistan i was bad never followed religion never prayed i wasn't interested in religion at all i was in alot of bad things as young boy. But when i move to Australia my life started to change i feel like praying sometime on and off it goes on for year or 2 and then i have my heart break coz of someone i feel in love and couldn't get together that day i prayed and cried alot for next few days to Allah swt in dua. And then i become regular with my fard prayer 5 times a day i used to make alot of dua slowly slowly i start praying sunnah amd nafal prayer then i start reading quran next start doing alot of dhikr and start praying night prayer and sunnah fasting this all transformation happens in last 3 or 4 years.but now i have very strong feeling to go somewhere and live alone like maybe on top of mountain something like tht i think alot i worried alot about whts happening with muslims around the world and i cried alot .im very confused no one understand me i tried talk to my parent's they think im jst joking ,I've seen alot of dreams i still remember some of them like this dream i meet tall old man in white cloths with long white beard and hair ,big stick in his hand he was very beautiful white skin colour with dark black eye's ,he didn't say nothing but just staring at me and i was staring at him standing somewhere next to beach and garden very beautiful place .i don't no who do i talk to and explain whts happening with me this feeling i have no idea whts going on.like i have alot of things to say but i don't no its big story..can you pls help me to like whts goin on with me im struggling i dont like this dunya anymore i only feel comfortable when im thinking about Allah swt..I'll be waiting for response .. salam alakium

A: It is not advisable to adopt this type of a stance individually, independently of a guide, for a traveller without a guide is bound to end up in some problem, confusion and difficulty. The sensible thing is to hold on to the hand of the one who has seen the whole path, understands it well and then hold onto him firmly and move on. The advantage will be that the traveller himself feels very confident that I have held on to someone who knows the whole path and if the guide knows your commitment levels he can guide you accordingly.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)