Various masaail of fasting

Fasting one day less due to going for umrah in Ramadhaan

Q: We went for umrah in Ramadhaan. We left a few days after Ramadhaan started.

South Africa fasted 30 days. Saudi also fasted 30 days. But they started Ramadhaan and finished one day earlier.

Because we were in Saudi for Eid, we only fasted 29 days in total actually.

So, do we need to keep qaza of one fast, because both countries had full 30 days but due to spending Eid in Saudi we only fasted 29?

How to spend one's Ramadhaan

Q: How exactly should I spend my Ramadhaan? I really want to make a difference in myself and my life, but what should I do that will help with my character so I can improve in Ramadhaan and after Ramadhaan as well? Also, what other ibaadah can I perform besides nafl salaah?

Fasting so that one's dua will be answered

Q: The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said that the dua of a fasting person is answered. It's borne on the clouds and the gates of heaven are opened for it, and Allah (Ta'ala) says "By my glory, I will grant you help even if it may be after sometime". Can I fast with the intention that my dua will be answered, or is that disliked? Any help will be greatly appreciated.