A Muslim who carried out bad deeds will eventually go to Jannah

Q: I want to ask a question with reference to Surah Muminoon, aayat 103.

Do the people whose bad deeds are heavier on the scales will go to hell fire eternally? It is mentioned in the aayat, but according to a hadith, a Muslim who died with the Aqeeda of tawheed will enter paradise eventually in the end.

Please explain this aayat if a Muslim whose bad deeds are heavier in scale will go to hell fire eternally or temporary?

Will women see Allah Ta'ala?

Q: I read that there is a difference of opinion whether women see Allah Ta'ala. Some say that they don't see Him at all and some say that they see him but see Him less than men. Is there any evidence that women may not see Allah Ta'ala at all or see Him less than men?

Why are all scholars in agreement that men see Allah Ta'ala but they disagree if women will see Him. Does that mean that a man who committed many sins but after being in hell was admitted to paradise is better than a woman who did not make major sins, as he gets to see Allah Ta'ala more than her and she may not see Allah Ta'ala at all or see Him less? 

Women enjoying exclusive favours in Jannah

Q: I always got amazed when reading about Friday markets in Jannah and what happens there and it got me wanting to do good deeds to enter paradise. However, I read somewhere that only men go to Friday market and women don't. The description of Friday market is very amusing and wants everyone want to be there but I feel heartbroken that even if I make it to paradise I won't be able to get there purely because I am a female. Why don't women get a Friday market? If Friday markets are only for men, then what do women get?

Imaan is a precondition for Jannat

Q: If my non Muslim neighbour passed away and me as a Muslim assume that this person is going to jahannam forever and ever and ever. Then there is a hadith about a prostitute who gave a thirsty dog water to drink and she was granted entry into jannat. So is it right for me to think that the non Muslim neighbour is going to jahannam?