Women's I'tikaaf

Woman's I'itikaaf breaking due to haidh

Q: I made an intention for sunnah itekaaf in Ramadaan. Unfortunately I was only able to sit seven days due to haiz. (Mufti I had miscalculated my days.) I have sat 1 day in itekaaf as qazaa and my intention for the fast was for a Ramadaan qazaa fast. Is this correct or do I sit for 3 days in itekaaf? Is my fast correct? Mufti was I sinful in miscalculating my days? It grieves me greatly. Please advise.

Place of I'tikaaf for Women

Q: I was reading something on one of the islamic forums on the net. They were talking about their musjid not having facilities for women’s I'tikaaf. When I mentioned that as far as I know, women are supposed to observe I'tikaaf at home, a lady replied: If a woman wishes to perform i'tikaaf, then she should do so in a masjid, so long as there is no danger in that (such as free-mixing and complacency regarding the hijaab, etc). Please explain if this is correct.