Impermissible Acts & Qadhaa

Qadha for breaking one's i'tikaaf

Q: A brother made intention to spend the last 10 days of Ramadhaan for i'tikāf. On the second day, due to a person passing away in his family (non-Muslim) his dad wanted him to leave his i'tikāf because he (his dad) had to go to the deceased's home and it would take a few days for him to return. So his dad wanted him to break his i'tikaf to look after his home and animals (pets). The brother had no choice but to break his i'tikaf on the second day.

1. How does he have to do qadhaa of his i'tikaf?

2. He intends to do qadhaa of his i'tikaf this Ramadhaan Insha Allah so will the fast in Ramadhaan suffice for him to keep his i'tikaf or does he have to keep fast outside of Ramadhaan to make up his qadhaa.

3. How many days does he have to do qadhaa for, 1 or 10 days.