Are the splashes of water over non-flowing blood impure?

Q: If you pour water (flowing water) over a wound that is still bleeding a little when checked with tissue but the water falling off is clear (no detectable traces of blood) even though logically there would technically be blood in it, is that water and its splashes impure? Are the areas on your hand that are now wet around the wound considered impure?

Killing a spider on one's carpet

Q: Spiders don’t have blood in their circulatory system. They have something else called haemolymph. Is this impure because a few weeks ago I squashed a spider on my carpet in my bedroom, so does that mean this carpet is impure? I’ve also walked all over this carpet with wet feet after wudu sometimes.

Wiping off splashes of water from the toilet seat

Q: Please can you help me with the following:

When I flush the toilet, drops of water fall on the seat, does this make the seat napak? If something napaak falls on the toilet seat, I usually wipe the seat with a wet cloth then wipe it with a dry tissue. Sometimes my thigh gets a bit wet when I sit on the seat as the seat is not completely dry after I have dried it, will this make my thigh napaak?