Calculating zakaat

Including an amount in one's zakaat calculation that one set aside for sadaqah

Q: I made an intention that a certain portion of my annual bonus will be set aside for Sadaqah and Lillah. The money is not in a separate bank account but together with my savings. I have a spreadsheet of the amount what was spent and how much is still available for charity.

Do I need to include the amount into my Zakaat calculation, assuming that I have not discharged it as charity it for a lunar year? The intention is to still discharge the money as Sadaqah or Lillah.

Clarification: Will the Vat amount be included in the zakaat?

Q: A person gave me R100 of his zakaat and asked me to buy a zakaat hamper and give it on his behalf to the poor. I bought the hamper for R100 which was inclusive of 15% vat and thereafter gave it to a recipient of zakaat. Did R85 of the person's zakaat get discharged or did R100 of His zakaat get discharged?

Similarly, if zakaat vouchers are given to the poor and they make purchases with it from a specific shop to which zakaat money has been given, and the shop owner has been informed that he should give the poor who come to him items to the value of the zakaat vouchers, and the shop owner sells them the items for the full amount of the zakaat vouchers but deducts 15% of the money for vat, will the full amount of the zakaat vouchers be regarded as the zakaat discharged or will the amount less 15% be regarded as the zakaat discharged?

Zakaat on money owed to a person

Q: I am a young baaligh teenager and I have a share in a business with my friend. We have not yet cashed out and split the money. The money that is owed to me is more than the nisaab amount. However, we do not have that amount of cash on hand and so that is why we have not cashed out and split the profits. Is zakaat liable on me?

Calculating zakaat at the end of one's zakaat year

Q: If a person works for some years and every year, he has to discharge zakaat for example in Dhul-Hijjah. (basically his zakaat year ends in that month and discharges zakaat then). After some years, he opens up his own business from the savings he has accumulated. Thereafter, when should he now pay out any zakaat due on him? Should such a person continue discharging zakaat in Dhul-Hijjah, or he has to take a new date because of the business?