Permissible and Impermissible employment

Manager creating a position for a person he likes in the company

Q: If a manager creates a position to do some work in a company (in which he is employed) when he knows that there is no need for such work, and appoints a person he likes or favours on this position, and the appointed person knows all this (what the manager has done), will the appointed persons salary be halal or haram although he is doing what is stipulated in his contract?

Accepting an invitation from a person who works in a bank

Q: My cousin use to work in a bank. His job is in CAD department that verify's that if the customer applying for the loan could pay back to the bank. And after verification, he shares his approval with the loan providers in the bank.

My question is, since I and my family has a very close relation with them and they sometime invite us for dinner, lunch at their home. Is it halaal for me to eat from them considering my cousin is the only earner in their home?

Transporting haraam items

Q: I work in the removal service industry which is to transport people’s personal belonging from their old residents to their new home. Majority of the time is just boxes and clothes etc. Sometimes I do stomp upon alcohol that they may take with them in 1 of the boxes. What is the ruling on this? Is my money haraam?

Software planning for an alcohol manufacturing company

Q: I work for a software company which makes planning software for companies. Their clients include many manufacturing companies which needs a software for planning. My role is to support the implementation of software and provide training and support for customers.

If their client is an alcohol manufacturing company, and they assign me to work on this project. Is it permissible for me to work?

Will my earnings be halaal? 

Transporting haraam meat and fear of contamination

Q: I am seeking advice on a matter that I am faced with currently at my work place that is weighing heavy on me. I work for a particular company that does distribution of frozen foods nationally.

We have 3 freezers in our warehouse currently of which 2 are for generic stock (non halaal) and the 3rd freezer is where we only keep halaal stock. On a daily basis stock is picked from our halaal freezer and mixed with the generic stock for the stores that are non halaal. In the event where there are over picks regarding the halaal stock, where it has mixed with the generic stock. Is it permissible to take that stock back into our halaal freezer? Bearing in mind that the stock is boxed and packaged already.

So, basically my question is that if it is mixing with the generic stock, can we return that stock to our halaal freezer again or would there be a possibility of contamination.

Kindly advise on the above mentioned, so that I may have my conscience cleared as well.

Working for an insurance company

Q: I'm in UAE and here vehicle insurance for all vehicle is mandatory.

My question is, working in a vehicle insurance companay as a reconcile officer which the person has to check how many vehicles insurance we have paid and how much we have claimed from the third party insurance company. But I'm not engaging directly or indirectly to sell or buy the vehicle or other types of insurance to anyone.

Is that permissible in Islam, i.e. is my earning halaal or haraam?

Agent taking a fee

Q: X company sells stationary items. They store their products in the warehouse of Y company. People buy the products through the website of Y company. Y company packs and delivers the products and takes the cash upon delivery. Then Y company gives the cash to the X company and Y company receives a certain fee. Is it permissible to buy products of X company through Y company?