Permissible and Impermissible employment

Security company providing a security guard for an alcohol distribution outlet

Q: We have a security company that provides alarm systems and guards to various businesses and private residence. We had a client who signed up with us to provide a guard during the day. This client subsequently changed his business from a soft drink outlet to an alcohol distribution outlet. Is it permissible to continue providing our services to this business.

Practicing homeopathy

Q: I am a homoeopathic doctor and am planning to start my practice insha-Allah. However, I was reading something about Reiki and read that it is not allowed due to having shirk elements.

Now I have started wondering if homoeopathy has any haraam aspect of shirk. I haven’t come across any one who can do research and tell me. Homoeopathy has a concept of vital force in the body which is an energy. And the medicine has energy which acts on that force is the theory. I am fully of the idea that shifa comes from Allah alone. I want to help people and do my bit in helping others. Homoeopathy medicine works very well and I have experienced it for the last 6 years. However, I just want to know if it is allowed to practice it.

Working according to one's degree

Q: I am a doctor. I studied MBBS by choice and later done MD in medicine. My parents asked me my choice of doing MD medicine. I got MD medicine seat by giving money to management. My University is autonomous and have their own entrance exam. They only select students for particular degrees on the basis of donation money students have given them. Selection is not on merit. In similar way I got admission in MD medicine.

I was happy at first but later I had thoughts that it is non Islamic. I said to my parents that I want to quit as a lot of money for my degree was given so I was forced to complete my 3 years of residency in medicine.

Apart from religious thoughts, the reason for my wish to quit the degree was, I was unable to handle the pressure of continuous 48-72 hrs work. I came back home and was adamant for quitting my studies and stayed for about 9 months. This problem was taken before management and I was given concession of 12 hrs daily work.

In this way I completed my 3 years residency. Till then I was very depressed and was on antidepressants for nearly 2 years, and my wish to study further also vanished. I was given a passing degree without studying by giving money to management.

I feel I have knowledge more than MBBS but less than MD as I treated patients entirely over 3 years of residency. Is it halaal for me to continue my carrier in medicine as a job or as a private practitioner?

Kindly take note that I have a family with one child and I don't have any other qualifications for my survival. My parents don't want me to work as a MBBS doctor as my marriage was done by saying that I was doing MD medicine. If I do so, it is likely that it may cause a rift in my family. I'm not doing any job or earning since 2 years as I don't feel it halaal and my family and parents are not convinced on my job based on MBBS degree.

Donating the proportionate amount that was received from haraam income

Q: I had a job in a large clothing store. My job was a mixture of cleaning floors, folding and hanging clothes, moving boxes around containing clothes, working on the cash registers and so on.

The problem is that a few of the items contained haram imagery, like cartoons, which were somewhat like Greek mythology and such very haraam stuff, nike is a famous similar example. And part of the job required me to work with these items here and there. I tried to avoid them as much as possible, I wanted to quit but I had a lot of difficulty finding a job as I'm a student.

Also I didn't know for a long time if this company was going to be selling these kinds of items. So I have repented and I think I should donate the money I earned from the haraam items which was very little to begin with as most sales were from plain products.

Also, due to covid-19, I lost that job and because I was paying taxes, I now receive government assistance, which I'm depending on to get me through possibly more than an entire year and even more perhaps as I am a poor student. I have some savings from the job and mostly from government assistance. Total sales from these haraam items were probably much less than 2% or even 1% and even much less were actually paid to me. But should I donate from my job savings only or from job savings and also the government assistance? How much should I donate and where should I give my donation?