Permissible and Impermissible employment


Q: I am a boy and I dance on instrumental music only. My form of dancing is waving and stunts and does not contain any vulgar and obscene dance moves. It is just simple movements of my hands and legs, and I am a solo dancer so there is no intermingling of sexes involved in it. If I earn money through dancing, will my earnings be considered haraam?

Muslim security company providing security for a business that primarily deals in alcohol


1. Is it permissible for a Muslim owned security company to provide a security system, monitoring and armed response to a business that deals primarily in the sale of alcohol. This involves a contract for installation of a security system at a cost after which the system is monitored also at a cost and in the event of an activation to respond by sending an armed guard to the site.

2. If this is prohibited in Shariah, what should one do with the monies that were collected?

3. In the event the contract cannot be terminated what solution is available?

Earning through cosmetic dentistry

Q: I'm a dentist and I want to work and gain money through halaal means so that Allah is pleased with me. So I'm interested in the cosmetic dentistry field in which we make smiles more pleasing with crowns, veneers or filling techniques. Kindly guide be about the shariah rulings in this matter as I will take the next step accordingly.

Working in a bank

Q: I want to ask that I am working in audit firm and currently I have to audit different clients. Currently I am in bank audit. Can I drink water from bank premises as mostly income of the bank is based on interest and whether I can eat t​he foods from the money which is given by bank to my firm and my firm gives us to utilize for foods and dinner etc as we have to work late night.