Permissible and Impermissible employment

Designing a bible app

Q: I am a mobile application developer. I have been working on a bible mobile app for years. For a couple of days I am feeling that being a Muslim I should not have done this. Was it wrong? I will immediately stop doing it if this is not good but what should I do about my past, would taubah be enough?

Paying per hour and changing work hours

Q: We at a school employ teachers who are paid per hour. Working hours are fixed by the administration. Can their working hours be reduced in the next year without their consent. E.g. a teacher started work in 2018 and he was given 4 hrs teaching. 50 rands a hour (2hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon.

1. In 2019 can we reduce his working hrs to 3hrs a day without his consent. In other words his work and salary will be reduced.

2. Can we impose on him to teach more hrs e.g. 5 hrs and pay him accordingly.

Working in a glass manufacturing business that sells bottles to wine companies

Q: After two months of unemployments, I found a job which manufactures glass bottles from scratch, literally from sand. Then they manufacture different sorts of empty glass bottles. They sell the empty bottles to juice companies like Snapple’s, Ketchup companies like Heinz, etc. More than 40 percent of their customers orders are from beer and wine companies which I found out later. Should I continue working here? I work in their software IT division.

Getting a certificate to earn a promotion

Q: If a person has done a diploma in a particular field and has a good work experience but for promotion and growth of the company, they ask for a degree. There are institutes which will give a degree in 1 year through lateral entry inspite of 4 years which will be valid and recognized, not a fake or forged one. The person knows his work but just needs a certificate for the promtion. Is it permissible to get such a certificate?

Adding fake experience in a job application

Q: I lost my dad so I am the responsible person at my home and I recently graduated in mechanical engineering and the job market for freshemen is really hard. Everyone wants experienced people. So people told me to add a fake experience and after trying for a lot (months) I hardly got any reply. Being sad, I added a fake experience and I landed a job. I didn't take the salary and left it even before completing one month.

Again I tried but didn't get any interview call. I added the fake experience and got selected in a company. Trust me, I can say it was my dream job but again the fake experience is haunting me. If I join with the fake experience, will it affect my earnings, will it be halaal or haraam?

By the way, the experience I added is of field work and the job is for sales so it's no relation and the fake experience was in the construction industry, and the current job is in the oil and gas sector. So the experience and job description aren't related, but still fake is fake.