Permissible and Impermissible employment

Facilitating interest-bearing loans

Q: I work in an organisation which is an entrepreneurship development institute. The organisation trains entrepreneurs, offers business development services and provides them finance for starting their business by linking them to banks where they are charged interest and give loans directly also. I am working there as a coordinator responsible for the preparation of entrepreneur’s project reports which cover all the aspects including financials of the business. In simple words, entrepreneurs are given loans for business and I prepare their project reports without which they can’t get a loan facility as it is considered to be an essential document for securing finance. I want to know whether my job is halaal or haraam, and in case it’s haraam, can I continue working here till I get another job or should I quit immediately?

Shaping the eyebrows

Q: I am a beautician and I have read that it is haraam to shape the eyebrows. Does this only apply to me shaping my own eyebrows or does it apply to me shaping other people’s eyebrows for them as well? Secondly, will the ruling apply to non-Muslims as well?

Engineering of a temple


1. A Muslim employee works for an engineering company, and the company is employed to do the engineering (beams, slabs, columns, foundations, etc.) for a temple. The Muslim employee is tasked with designing the structure by his boss. Is it permissible for him to do this?

2. Similarly, if a Muslim owns the engineering company and someone approaches him for this job, can he accept it?

3. What is the ruling if they are not involved in the actual temple, but are working on another building on the same land that has rooms, dormitories, toilets, etc. for the use of occupants of the temple?

Earnings of an insurance broker

Q: My father works in an insurance company which is being run by Muslims and follows Muslim laws. He himself is an insurance agent who does insurance of different people and the more people participate, the more commission he gets. I want to know whether the money he earns is considered halal? Because the insurance policies he introduces gives that person money time by time.

Earning by taking ID photos

Q: I am currently employed by taking ID photos of people that want to make ID documents or want to renew their drivers licence. Am I commiting a sin? I have no other work to support myself or my family. Currently there is a demand for ID photos in my town. Even Muslim people come to me for photos for passports. Please advice me. 

Online advertising

Q: Please clarify the following for me:

Generally, companies run through advertising and it thus plays a major part of many businesses. Therefore:

1. Some people specialise in doing the marketing/advertising for the company and get paid for their services.

2. Some people with computer abilities upload such ads on websites and get paid by the companies.

Are these types of jobs impermissible? If so, will magazines, radio stations etc. charging people for advertising also be impermissible?

Working as a software developer in a gaming company

Q: I want to know if it is permissible to work in the gaming industry according to Islamic law.

The gaming company in question has many popular games but those games contain some aspects of nudity, violence and crime related missions. The job is not a game developer per se, but some other software development work like tools development, server handling and all.

My doubt is that even if it's some other software development work, isn't it ultimately helping in the release of the game and thus should be prohibited?