Permissible Acts

Taking a shower while in sunnat itikaaf

Q: I would like to have some clarity regarding the issue of having a shower while in sunnat itikaaf. According to some Ulama, the only time one could have a ghusl, not a shower, is if one had a wet dream in the musjid and is forced to make ghusal.

The permissibility of allowing people to have have showers with no valid reason has started very recently over the last few years and was never heard of in the past unless compulsion of ghusal.

Changing one's clothes during I'tikaaf

Q: I understand that one is allowed to change his clothes during Itikaf. In the Haram Shareef at Makkah and Madinah since there is no privacy, is it ok if one changes his clothes in the toilet when one goes to attend nature's call? Of course care is taken that one does not leave the Haram only for changing the clothes but does it when it is unavoidable to leave to fulfil the need to go to the toilet to relieve oneself.