Franchise charging insurance to their customers

Q: We have a tyre business which is a Dunlop franchise, they have this tyre insurance for the customers. Any damage to the tyre and they send a replacement after doing their tests. They charge us R10 per tyre for this which I pass onto the customer.

I add it to the cost and then add my markup. I tried getting out of this but it’s compulsory from their side.

How should I handle this… Is it permissible?

Should I add my markup first then the R10. Because my intention is not to make money on the insurance…

Giving damm due to being unable to perform umrah after going into ihraam

Q: I went from my home in Jeddah for Umrah with the niyat after performing 2 rakaat nafil. At the checkpost I was stopped and the government didn’t let us do Umrah regardless of permit saying the state has issued new orders post magrib.

Now we came home back to Jeddah, trimed my hair and took off Ihram. I have lived the whole day today normally and even cut my nails.

Do we have to give Dam? We were forced to not perform our Umrah so it was the state rule and we had no way. We can’t give Dam in Makkah as they are only allowing Hajjis and this means we cannot visit Makkah before 50 days now and perform our Umrah. We cannot live in the state of Ihram for that long. Please guide.

Not feeling the connection when making dua at the time of tahajjud

Q: Tonight I got up to pray tahajjud and when I started praying it felt like a tahajjud prayer though when I went into Sajda, I didn't feel the connection I thought I would, like I went to Allah in taha while crying and when I started praying all my tears were gone, I wasn't able to cry in my sujood. Does this mean I didn't pray it right?

As I checked that I did my wudu right and covered up my self right though still I feel something was missing.

Adding to that, I'm one day away from my periods and I also thought that the crying part was just from my mood swings which are a symptom of our period coming, because when I stood on the prayer mat all the tears went away.

Moreover, I had weird thoughts during the prayer like I wasn't praying right and had alot of skulls appearing in my thoughts (jinn like thoughts). Please share if there is a problem in this or am I just overthinking?

Intention for joining the military was to serve one's religion

Q: I am an ex-military pilot. I was forced to leave the military by some high-ranking officials due to their ego. I never imagined my life away from jihad. I dreamt of getting martyred in the battlefield.

Please tell me how this will be compensated and what reward will there be for me on the Day of Judgement for my nine years of jihad. Will I be counted as a Ghazi or Shaheed, or none? Remember, my pure intention was to serve my religion and nothing else.

This setback has left me in complete depression and stress.

Reason for a woman marrying another man after the third talaaq

Q: I have been contemplating and reflecting a lot the past few months. We all know there is great Hikmah behind everything, Allah is The Most Wise... We would never be able to even comprehend His wisdom SubhanAllah.

I was pondering on something... When a man gives a woman the 3rd talaq, the woman becomes completely impermissible for him... She needs to marry another man, consummate that before and then she is able to go back to the former husband (this can't be planned out though).

As I said we would never be able to contemplate the wisdom of Allah. But I do ponder why that is... What is the reason for this SubhanAllah?

Is it so the woman can experience another marriage to someone else to see if he appreciates her etc? Is it a kind of punishment for the man for going so extreme to give a 3rd talaq. SubhanAllah I'm just pondering. I wish I knew the tafsir for this verse or if anyone has more knowledge on this please.