Making intention for the person who purchased the qurbaani animal when slaughtering

Q: This year I gave my qurbaani money to the Muazzin and told him to give it to his family in Mozambique and purchase an animal for qurbaani. They purchased a goat.

My question is: In order for my qurbaani to be valid, is it necessary for the one slaughtering to make a niyyah to slaughter on my behalf?

Doing qurbaani on the 3rd day of Eid

Q: I have a flight on 18th June, the 3rd day of Eid in Dubai and the second day of Eid in Pakistan. I am in Dubai and I will travel to my home country, Pakistan. I want to do qurbani in Pakistan. If I reach there on 19th June, particularly the 4th day of Eid in Dubai and the 3rd day of Eid in Pakistan, can I do my qurbani in Pakistan because you can only do qurbani for three days.

The method of distributing the seven shares of a big qurbaani animal

Q: Could Mufti Saheb kindly explain the correct procedure regarding the distribution of 7 shares of the qurbani carcass of a big animal.

How stringent is the rule of equal shares and what leeway is there for any shortcomings in the equal distribution of the meat?

The immediate distribution of the animal is difficult where a large number of cattle are slaughtered in the same facility, and often all the shareholders are not even present. The carcass is also cut into quarters and put into cold storage. It is only sliced a few days or even few weeks later.

In this regard, what is the Sharee position of the following:

1. Can all the seven shareholders appoint the farm owner as the wakeel to allocate the shares?

2. Can the wakeel then do part of the distribution immediately after the slaughter, such as allocate one trotter each to each shareholder and parts of the offal to the rest, then give any shareholder his share of the trotters or offal or distribute it to the poor on his behalf with his permission in his absence?

3. If the part distribution immediately upon slaughter as mentioned in 2 above is valid, must the distribution of the remainder of the shares after slicing still be totally equal, or with the consent of all the parties will some greater / lesser amount in the shares be overlooked?