Women's Issues

Woman spotting after performing umrah

Q: A woman is currently in Makkah Mukarramah. She has completed her umrah etc. and she spotted just once after Zuhr Salaah. Since then, she has not seen any blood or spotting and more than 24 hours have passed. She has completed more than 15 days of tuhr and it could be her haidh. What does she do? Can she perform tawaaf in this condition?

Seeing a yellow discharge

Q: I have a yellow discharge that comes almost every single day and an irregular menstrual cycle. I haven't seen any brown discharge or actual blood for months.

After reading some of the questions and answers from Muftionline, I understood the discharge to be haidh and started calculating 10 days haidh, 15 days tuhr even without seeing any blood.

I was recently informed that only when I see blood or brownish discharge, that will be my haidh. And any yellow discharge after the bloom, until the end of 10 days will be counted as haidh. After that, I must wait for blood again, otherwise never to count the yellow discharge as haidh.

1. Was what I was doing correct?

2. Was what I was told correct?

3. If what I was told was correct, do I now have to repeat all my months of salaah missed?

4. Please tell me what to do in a little extra detail. 

Three talaaqs while one's wife is in the state of haidh

Q: I would like to know the validity of the talaq given to me by my husband. He said talaq three times in one go out of anger. There were a few people present to hear the talaq and straight after, he called my father and said ‘I've given your daughter talaq come and take her’.

Currently we are living separately and we have three children together.

Also, when and how long does my iddah start. At the time of the talaq I was on my menses.

Taking a ghusal after nifaas

Q: A ladies nifaas ended at 18:54 on her 40th day. She is still spotting but she had a bath as her time was over. She had a bath before this time 18:54 was done bathing at 18:50. Does she need to repeat her ghusl as it was yesterday that she had her bath but realized today it was before the time?

Slight bleeding after inserting a copper IUD

Q: I have recently inserted a copper IUD which is causing me to bleed very slightly. I am 47 years old, with 4 children and have used the copper IUD for many years. My doctor tells me that it is normal to bleed slightly like this after copper IUD insertion and it can take up to 4 or 6 months for my body to adjust. Since this is not my period I considered my condition to be that of istihaada. I was washing myself every time and making a fresh wudu every time. But if this is going to take several months or even weeks, should I continue to make fresh wudu and wash myself all the time? What do I do if my period doesn't return within some time? Please advise