Sitting for i'tikaaf in a musalla

Q: May the sunnah i'tikaaf in Ramadhan be held in a facility which accommodates and facilitates the 5 times salaah, including the jumuah salaahs. This is presently a musallah which caters for the residents in the area, over 300 Muslim homes. Consent dues have been granted already for the musallah to continue, alhamdulillah. The nearest masjid is about 4 Kms away which has a limited space for the mu'takifeen. Kindly advise if we could hold the sunnah i'tikaaf for the musallees of the area?

Woman's I'itikaaf breaking due to haidh

Q: I made an intention for sunnah itekaaf in Ramadaan. Unfortunately I was only able to sit seven days due to haiz. (Mufti I had miscalculated my days.) I have sat 1 day in itekaaf as qazaa and my intention for the fast was for a Ramadaan qazaa fast. Is this correct or do I sit for 3 days in itekaaf? Is my fast correct? Mufti was I sinful in miscalculating my days? It grieves me greatly. Please advise.

I'tikaaf in Musjidun Nabawi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)

Q: My question is regarding this year ramadaan. I intend on spending the sunnah ithikaaf in musjid un nabawi (17th-27th July - According to the saudi calendar). I would like to know if my ithikaaf would be valid if I leave on the eve of eid from Madinah and arrive in South Africa on the 28th, just to find that South Africa would be fasting on the 28th and celebrating eid on the 29th.What should I do in this regard? From calculations, its seems that the above scenario is most likely to occur?